Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Soundprovocation - Vocalotheque (Nki/Exs/Aiff)

DOWNLOAD: Soundprovocation - Vocalotheque (Nki/Exs/Aiff)


Soundprovocation - Vocalotheque (Nki/Exs/Aiff) | 4.61 GB

Vocaloteque is a sampler instrument, made from recorded samples of a vocal ensemble (5 men and 5 women). Vocalotheque is made to unbroken more like voices of regular lower classes than a sterile or overly burnished academic choir. The recorded voices are those of professionals and established people that can really sing. They used a brisk robin loops of sampler groups: either note has 5 changing variations to heighten the feeling of natural singing that is in no degree exactly the same.

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