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Design of Learning Spaces (Future Schools)

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Design of Learning Spaces (Future Schools)

Pamela Woolner, "Design of Learning Spaces (Future Schools)"
Publisher: Continuum | ISBN: 1855397749 | 2010 | PDF | 144 pages | 10.2 MB

Learning have power to take place anywhere. So does the depict of the physical surroundings provided ~ dint of. schools matter? After many years of minimal investing. in school premises, schools in the UK are in the heart of a wave of planning, fabric and using new schools. This includes wholly English secondary schools, being renewed end Building Schools for the Future (BSF), since well as schemes for English primaries and programmes of govern construction in Scotland and Wales. Starting from an educational perspective, and building on be in action in architectural design, Pamela Woolner gives ~y overview of current issues in the design of acquired knowledge environments, covering the physical design of spaces and in what condition that design impacts on the organisation of people in schools, their relationships and their education and learning. Filling the gap in intellectual faculties and knowledge between the worlds of science and education, this is essential lecture for school leaders and all those engaged in rational about how school design might have ~ing planned and arranged to facilitate erudition and teaching.

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